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Aquarius adds liquidity management layer to Stellar and powers new generation of DeFi projects.

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What is Aquarius?
Aquarius is designed to supercharge trading on Stellar, bring more liquidity and give control over how it is distributed across various market pairs. It adds incentives for SDEX traders ("market maker rewards") and rewards for AMM liquidity providers. Aquarius allows community to set rewards for selected markets through on-chain voting.
What is AQUA token?
AQUA is the currency for rewards and on-chain voting in Aquarius. AQUA holders can vote for market pairs that need more liquidity and select trusted assets. Traders and LPs earn AQUA on selected market pairs. AQUA will play an important role in projects built on Stellar. Majority of AQUA tokens will be distributed to network participants and market makers. Contact email for institutional investors - tokens[at]
Incentives for liquidity providers
The core use case of the AQUA token is to increase liquidity on Stellar. This will be achieved by incentivizing market makers on SDEX and AMM LPs.
Governance for token holders
Token holders will vote for market pairs requiring liquidity to allocate rewards. AQUA is also an utility token to govern the Aquarius protocol through on-chain DAO voting.
Ecosystem benefits
AQUA tokens will be integrated in other projects built on Stellar and may provide holders with additional benefits within the Stellar ecosystem.
Snapshot taken on January 15th, 2022!
Airdrop #2
Airdrop #2 distribution is now complete. Rewards have been split into 36 payments with each one unlocking monthly. Users can see airdrop rewards inside their eligible Stellar wallets as pending payments.
Check your Stellar addresses to see if they are eligible
Initial Airdrop
Distribution completed
Q4 - 2020
Idea and discussion
Aquarius began its evolution in the end of 2020 while exploring ideas to increase volume on SDEX. A series of internal discussions within Ultra Stellar, as well as exchanging feedback with many experts in the space, helped us shape the core ideas around the project.
Q2 - 2021
Start of development
We have started formalizing the protocol and building the infrastructure for Aquarius. This consists of multiple elements of software such as on-chain asset voting protocol, user interfaces for voting, liquidity reward distribution engine, AQUA snapshot and airdrop module.
Q3 - 2021
Aquarius v0.1: MVP
Launch of liquidity rewards for market makers - core functionality of Aquarius. This will inspire more trading activity on the Stellar. AQUA will reward both DEX traders and AMM LPs. The start of the wide distribution of AQUA tokens to Stellar network participants.
Q4 - 2021
Aquarius v0.2: Voting
New set of updates will allow AQUA holders to control how Aquarius works. They will drive liquidity to specific market pairs and vote for assets to be grouped in default lists. We will work on introducing AQUA tokens in various products built on Stellar.
Q2 - 2022
Aquarius v1.0: DAO
The end goal is to build a thriving, reliable and decentralized ecosystem around Aquarius and AQUA tokens. Key protocol parameters will be controlled by the AQUA token holders. This will be further explored as the smart contract frameworks on Stellar mature and evolve.
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